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Mission Springs Water District: Turning Water Conservation Legislation Into An Opportunity to Save the District—and Its Customers—Serious Money, While Gaining Compliance

In 2017, Mission Springs Water District (MSWD) in California’s Coachella Valley received a grant to install the first-of-its-kind Smart Water Grid. According to Hank McCarrick, CEO and founder of Seco Sys (now Subeca), the system’s manufacturer, this new technology “allows water agencies, customers, and water-related services to concurrently engage in…
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What’s Missing In Today’s Water Management Systems

Smart Water Network Innovations: Getting Ahead of the Curve – Part 1 As upward pressure on public agency services costs—cities, water agencies, etc.—continues to increase, utilities must get smarter. Progressive leaders are looking for forward-thinking Smart City / Smart Agency initiatives. These include scalable communications networks with open architecture that…

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