Agency Benefits

For Cities & Municipalities

Reduced Operational Costs

  • Remote valve control
    Turn water service on or off for an individual property with one click (or tap). Eliminate countless hours of costly service visits!
  • Remote meter reading
    Make manual and drive-by meter readings obsolete.
  • Lower insurance premiums
    Ask your insurer about premium discounts for closed-loop systems like Subeca.
  • Lower communications costs
    Use the app to push alerts, tips and other communications directly to your customers’ smartphones.

How Does the Subeca System™ Stack Up Against Other Water Management Solutions?

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Reduced Water Use

Real-time Problem Detection

  • Detects leaks and other water-use events
  • Sends immediate alerts to both agency and end-user
  • Can even be programmed to automatically shut off valves before problems become catastrophic

Conservation Support

  • Provides leak-loss mitigation and mid-cycle “high bill notifications”
  • Empowers end users with tools and data needed to reduce water usage through a positive approach, instead of punitive fines.

Improved System

Intuitive, Customizable Dashboards

  • Transforms granular real-time data into useful information.
  • Data powers analytics and improves operations, while giving end-users continuous insight into their water usage in terms of gallons, billing units or dollars.

Area-wide, Open Architecture LoRa Network

  • Accelerate agency ROI by using this new LoRa network to also support other Smart City applications.
  • Up to 200 other IoT applications can operate on this network, including fleet management, rodent control, parking lot sensor monitoring and lighting.

Customer Benefits

Real-time Data
Consumers like being able to easily keep tabs on their water usage and avoid big surprises when bills arrive. The system also gives end-users the data they need to set goals, adjust their property irrigation and more.

Get Automatic Leak Detection
Many leaks are hard to see until the damage is extensive. Subeca can detect a leak long before the consumer would notice it.

Disaster Mitigation
By combining water event alerts with remote valve shut-off capabilities, Subeca gives consumers the ability to shut off their water before their property is has catastrophic damage—even if they’re vacationing thousands of miles away when a pipe bursts.

Insurance Discounts
Most insurers offer a discount on homeowners’ policy premiums for properties that have the ability to instantly shut off excess water flow.

Submetering Benefits

For Property Owners | HOAs | Condos | Trailer Parks | Shopping Malls & More

Regulatory Compliance
Easily meet regulatory requirements in situations where submetering is mandated by law.

Remote Valve Control
Turn an individual unit’s water on or off with a single screen click or tap via Engage software.

Automated Leak & Water Event Detection
Alerts are broadcast to those within Bluetooth range (such as on-site staff) within seconds, then to the cloud-based system in 15 minutes or less. When problems happen, the Subeca Series™ can even be programmed to automatically shut off the water before the damage expands.

Billing Fairness
Tenants are tired of paying for their neighbors’ water use. Submetering is a clear value-add for your property.

End User Empowerment
Engage consumer portal and app allow end users to set goals, receive alerts, shut off water in emergencies, see their water usage in real time (in gallons, dollars or billing units), and receive helpful water-saving tips.

Insurance Savings
Subeca’s closed-loop system qualifies both property owners and renters for insurance premium discounts.

Granular Data
The user-friendly Subeca Engage portal and app provides clear visibility into water use. You can even bring data from multiple properties into one system to get baselines, comparisons and more.

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