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What advantage does an open communications network provide in Smart Water Agency/Smart City applications?

Since electronic equipment entered the scene, local government agencies have been used to utilities and management agencies each running their operations on their own respective systems. Until now, previous technologies have run on “networks” only in the most basic of terms. It has never been an ideal situation; all those…
Genius Water Management

Why Customers Must Become Partners In “Making Conservation A California Way Of Life” Objectives

For decades, water utilities have operated as the primary accountability holders in the purveyor/consumer relationship. Try as we may, motivating water consumers to take a consistent and proactive stance on personal water management has been extremely difficult. The “carrot” of rebates and “stick” of punitive rates and penalties have nearly…
Genius Water Management

Mission Springs Water District: Turning Water Conservation Legislation Into An Opportunity to Save the District—and Its Customers—Serious Money, While Gaining Compliance

In 2017, Mission Springs Water District (MSWD) in California’s Coachella Valley received a grant to install the first-of-its-kind Smart Water Grid. According to Hank McCarrick, CEO and founder of Seco Sys (now Subeca), the system’s manufacturer, this new technology “allows water agencies, customers, and water-related services to concurrently engage in…

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