How Does It Work?

The physical setup of the Subeca IoT+ Water Management platform begins in the meter box. The entire conversion of an analogue or radio-read meter is typically achieved in a few minutes. If your agency is including the ACT automated valve, it can take just a little longer. The steps for a complete installation include. If you have any questions, please reach out to us through our contact us page or give us a call today!

  1. REMOVE the existing meter register.
  2. REPLACE the register with a Subeca PIN. This quick and easy procedure normally takes less than 5 minutes.
  3. INSTALL a Subeca LINK in the box lid.
  4. REPLACE the outdated manual valve with a new Subeca ACT valve.
  5. ESTABLISH bluetooth transmission between the Subeca PIN, Subeca LINK and Subeca ACT valve.
  6. ACTIVATE the Subeca LINK to communicate with your agency’s LoRa gateway.
  7. TEST all components to verify proper operation.

Unmatched utility and customer monitoring and control

The Subeca IoT+ Water Management Platform begins with a unique and cost-effective approach to your metering operation and the needs of your consumers to access up-to-the-moment water use data. Combining multiple technologies including AMI, LoRaWAN, and Bluetooth 5, together with AWS IoT Core, Subeca creates a foundation for endless operational gains through deployment of IoT devices that will enhance and fine tune your water operations. Subeca IoT+ is the “next innovation leap” in AMI and “smart” agency/city solutions.


UP-to-moment data provides continuous use monitoring and alerts for utilities and their customers.

Customizable leak alerts for flow volume, flow duration and low-level leaks ensure no more surprises.

First-of-its-kind, two-way communication allows remote valve control for water providers and customers

Because the Subeca IoT+ Platform it is built on agency-controlled, open architecture, the interface integrates quickly and easily with any existing IoT infrastructure or can accommodate new IoT applications.

  • The system utilizes wireless standards meeting stringent ISO/IEC 27001 requirements for information security management.

  • The Subeca IoT+ System allows agility and integration flexibility, rather than getting locked into a proprietary communications network and technology that provides no opportunity for scaling and return on investment
Subeca link box with product

Putting the pieces together

The Subeca IoT+ Platform consists of physical components housed in the valve box, including: the Subeca PIN, Subeca LINK and the optional Subeca ACT.

These are paired with the Subeca Engage Agency interface and the Subeca Engage Customer Portal and mobile App to unleash the full power of the Subeca IoT+ platform to connect, engage and empower both water providers and users.

Subeca PIN™ Bluetooth Meter Registers are the Core Data Collection Component in the Subeca Water Management System.

  • The Subeca PIN replaces current registers on existing water meters or can be fitted to just about any new meter brand.
  • These meters transmit meter data via Bluetooth 5 every 900 milliseconds, feeding the Subeca EDGE Network for true real-time water information.
  • Subeca EDGE provides access to water use detail unattainable through legacy AMI directly to a local smart device. EDGE serves as an onsite customer service tool and back-up meter reading connection as well as a consumer intelligence tool for measuring instant feedback on water use and mapping.

“The Subeca IoT+ Water Management platform is a game-changer. The ability to remotely operate the Subeca ACT valve allows us to instantly start or stop service without the need to physically send staff to the meter. And our customers love having the ability to get leak alerts and quickly shut off service.”

– Kevin H.

Subeca ACT™ is a Bluetooth 5 LE wireless ball valve that will open, restrict or close upon command from a Bluetooth-capable mobile device or through Subeca LINK™.

  • Using the latest Bluetooth 5 Long Range technology allows flexible installation options.
  • While typically installed on the customer side of the water meter, Subeca Act™ can be installed at any convenient location within 100 feet of the water meter.
  • Power from a long-life battery provides 15 years of operation in typical residential water use environments.
Subeca Engage Agency Logo

The Subeca Engage Agency Dashboard™ provides agency team members with a comprehensive tool to assist in managing everything from consumer data to water system analytics.

  • This interface operates on the AWS IoT Core cloud-based software platform where data is highly secure and reliably accessible.
  • Customization options allow the creation of separate dashboards for each water utility department to ensure the data the needed to perform their job is readily available.
  • The platform provides various types and combinations of customer water use trends and patterns to help providers achieve water conservation goals. Identify high use segments of the customer base early on through reports and custom at-a-glance modals.
  • Customer service team members are able to view the same dashboard as the customer sees, at the same time, making customer support a snap.
Subeca Engage Agency Logo

Subeca Engage™ Customer Interface & App offers a new level of water use awareness and self-management empowerment to water utility customers. Tracking water use and costs throughout each day helps customers better understand how their water habits directly impact their water bills. Customer or default alerts, a direct communications line to the water utility, and the ability to control water with the Subeca Act valve provide tools that truly put customers in control. Go ahead, say goodbye to surprise high bills and property damage from catastrophic leaks!

The LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) powered by AWS IoT Core is the standard for tomorrow’s IoT traffic, including AMI.

When used in tandem, these services allow agencies to enjoy a very low cost of ownership – less than cellular and other fixed antenna or proprietary gateway infrastructure.

LoRaWAN is the global foundation for “smart” cities and agencies. Secure, inexpensive data acquisition over large geographic regions accommodates agency-deployed IoT devices beyond legacy AMI options. This means unlimited operational intelligence and cost controls!

“Converting meters to the Subeca IoT+ Water Management platform is quicker than I expected. Setup is simple and straightforward, and our agency will save considerable labor hours over time by using this easy-to-maintain system.”

– John S.

Join Our Pilot Program!

Let Subeca prove the value and performance of the Subeca IoT+ Water Management platform through a small pilot program!

Simply sign up for a phased rollout that eliminates substantial up-front capital expenditures. All training, configuration and network subscriptions are included!

Click here or call 800-366-2271 for details.

“The potential benefits of the Subeca IoT+ Water Management System are clear, but our Board of Directors was hesitant about spending money on this new technology. The Subeca pilot program offered a no-risk opportunity to see how it works in the real world. The results were better than anticipated, demonstrating that we would earn a quick return on our investment. The pilot program convinced us to move forward and implement the full Subeca IoT+ Water Management System.”

– Vince M.