This three-component, five-function system forms a complete, end-to-end water metering network.

It provides utility and customer monitoring and control interfaces like no other.

Software dashboards offer not just granular water usage information, but also:
  • Continuous, real-time data and alerts for utilities and their customers
  • Leak detection
  • First-of-its-kind, two-way communication for customer-shared remote valve control

Because it’s built on open architecture, the Subeca System integrates quickly and easily with any existing IoT infrastructure or expansion into new IoT applications.

  • Based entirely on wireless standards meeting stringent ISO/IEC 27001 requirements for information security management
  • Allows agility rather than locking into proprietary technology that could hinder future growth and robustness.
In fact, once it’s installed, water providers then own an open LoRa IoT network that can be used for more than 200 other Smart City applications.

Physical set-up of the Subeca Series system occurs completely within the valve box

Quick, Easy Installation

This makes planning for purchasing and location easier, as it can be treated as a modular system. The entire process typically takes about 30 minutes on average with a valve, and 4 minutes without a valve. Installation includes:

  1. Removal of the existing meter register (or the entire meter)
  2. Replacement with a Subeca Pin; a quick and easy procedure that normally takes less than five minutes.
  3. A Subeca Link is installed in the box lid
  4. Bluetooth transmission is established between the two components and a remote-control Subeca Act valve.
  5. Valve is installed in the service line to replace manual valves.
  6. Subeca Link is then activated to communicate with your agency’s LoRa gateway
  7. All components are tested.

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