Happily, yes. The Subeca System goes beyond smart to downright genius when it comes to providing the most comprehensive water system control.

We’re aware that cities aren’t the only ones with a vested interest in gaining better control over their water use. That’s why the Subeca System can be implemented for a host of other users, including:

  • Submetering Requirements – Property Owners, HOAs, Condominiums, Trailer Parks, RV Parks and Campsites, Shopping Malls…and more!
  • Landscaping Benefits – Public Parks, Golf Courses, Sports Turfs, Municipal Green Belts, and Commercial Landscapes
  • Agriculture Operations – Farmers and other grow operation landowners
  • Institutional – Healthcare and Education Campuses, Correctional Facilities
  • Industrial – Utilities and Power Generation Works


Any location that must deal with managing multiple tenants can employ the Subeca System to address management concerns such as:

  • Maintaining regulatory compliance
  • Assuring billing fairness
  • Empowering end users with information and control
  • Creating insurance savings by being able to arrest water leaks before they turn into disasters
  • Analyzing granular data through the system dashboard


This typically intensive water user can employ the Subeca System to:

  • Easily deploy and scale smart metering on their lines
  • Eliminate the need to disturb landscapes when installing or upgrading meters
  • Save countless on-site service hours with all-remote reading
  • Save millions of gallons of water formerly lost to leaks


Farmers, grow operators and large landowners will find benefit in using the Subeca System to:

  • Conserve water
  • Collect pumping station data remotely, without the time and expense of driving
  • Automatically populate water use reports via an API connection, saving hours of data entry and formatting to comply with regulations
  • Analyze aggregate data on pumping stations, irrigation meters and valves

Institutional & Industrial

Any large campuses and facilities that may share needs from submetering to landscaping will also benefit from installing the Subeca System on their water meters.

All of these types of water users can qualify to become part of our Pilot Program, allowing them to upgrade existing water meters in an affordable, scalable way. Contact us today to learn more about the Subeca System, and how it can help bring your water metering into the 21st century, with simple yet sophisticated technology that installs in a day or less.