Today Subeca announced the official launch of its intelligent water utility platform, a breakthrough innovation that redefines how suppliers and consumers manage water consumption.

By combining LoRa and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communications, Subeca pioneers a new era in smart water metering. Subeca provides real-time, short-range data needed by endpoint customers and simultaneously delivers the long-range automatic meter infrastructure (AMI) expected by water suppliers through a dual wireless methodology. The Subeca smart metering products report to LoRa gateways that in turn provide data to a unique set of water management web services. Through event-driven communications on a custom online dashboard, water suppliers and customers are immediately notified of water usage problems. When an issue occurs, water can be controlled remotely by both the customer and the water supplier. Subeca’s technology puts the water meter in charge of invoking a valve control action that ensures that water waste and damage are mitigated on the spot. The end-to-end system produces a water management platform with Edge computing capabilities like no other in the industry.

“At Subeca, our mission is to enable sustainable water conservation by providing water suppliers and consumers a platform where they can collaborate in the water conservation process,” said Don Whitson, Subeca CEO. “We believe control and access to usage data mean smarter choices about water consumption, and these choices are not short lived. By continually being aware of water use and issues, the consumer becomes ingrained with a conscientiousness that is sustained day after day.”

Every day, water agencies are losing money by dispatching crews to homes and businesses to read meters or turn water supplies on and off manually. Using Subeca technology and custom online dashboards, agencies can quickly turn water supplies on and off remotely for individual properties. Plus, the LoRa networks can support a multitude of other devices that provide higher value and return on investment to the water agency.

For consumers, Subeca acts like an insurance policy. Leaks in water delivery systems can cause unexpected water waste leading to damage and increased water bills for homeowners. The Subeca platform uses BLE and LoRa communications to mitigate these losses by providing instant notifications of problems as they occur rather than hours or days later. Consumers can also turn their water supply on and off with just the touch of a button on their custom online dashboard. They have complete control and visibility of their water usage from virtually anyplace in the world. And with built-in goal setting, consumers are empowered to reduce water waste and save money.

“Careful consideration and comprehensive research went into the design of the Subeca platform so that the experience is truly optimized for users,” said Hank McCarrick, Subeca founder. “We are ready to deliver a platform like no other to our customers, and there is no better place to start than California.”

In collaboration with Comcast’s MachineQ, Subeca will run a pilot program with the Mission Springs Water District located in Desert Hot Springs, California. Approximately 100 Subeca HydraMeters will be installed at Mission Springs Water District customer sites in April 2019. This is the first step in a larger Smart City initiative that Subeca plans to deploy in all of Coachella Valley through collaboration with MachineQ and local city governments.