Smart Water Network Innovations: Getting Ahead of the Curve – Part 4

Our last post took a look at the importance of any truly future-oriented water management system taking advantage of the Internet of Things to either fit into a smart water network, or to act as the foundation of that smart network for the rest of municipal services.

One potential comprehensive solution for water providers to consider for upgrading their current water metering to meet Smart City standards, now and into the future, is the Subeca IoT+ Water Management System.

This three-component, five-function system forms a complete, end-to-end water metering network that provides utility and customer monitoring and control interfaces like no other. The control software offers not just granular water usage information, but also continuous real-time data and alerts for utilities and their customers, leak detection, and first-of-its-kind, two-way communication for customer-shared remote valve control.

Because it’s built on open architecture, the Subeca System integrates quickly and easily with any existing IoT infrastructure, or expands into new IoT applications. Based entirely on wireless standards meeting stringent ISO/IEC 27001 requirements for information security management, this system allows agility rather than locking into random, proprietary technology that could hinder future growth and robustness. In fact, once it’s installed, the agency then owns an open LoRa IoT network that can be used for more than 200 other Smart City applications.

The Complete Subeca System Comprises:

  1. Subeca Pin™
    The core data collection component, Subeca Pin is a Bluetooth register that replaces existing meter registers. It collects and transmits data locally (“nearcasting”) to a nearby transmission point, through which it can also receive remote instructions to open or close a valve. This is where the edge network is initiated.
  2. Subeca Link™
    The previously mentioned data transmission point, Subeca Link uses Radio Frequency (RF) signals to collect and transmit data from nearby Pins, to and from your agency’s LoRa Gateway. From there, data packets are transmitted to and from your utility’s (central) data analysis and control center, and your customers’ (distributed) app and dashboard.
  3. Subeca Engage™
    Subeca Engage software is the eyes and brains behind the System, logging, analyzing and parsing data behind the scenes. It provides a cloud-based, feature-packed, interactive user dashboard. It’s accessible via computers or mobile devices by utility staff and customers, to view data and manage feature settings and Pin functions for valve control.

How the Subeca System Works

  1. Collect meter data:

Subeca Pin, a Bluetooth Register, replaces the register on existing meters. Every 900 milliseconds, the Pin transmits meter data to the consumer (when within Bluetooth range) and to the Subeca Link.

  1. Transmit meter data:

Subeca Link, a Bluetooth-to-LoRa Bridge, takes this IoT data from the Pins that are on up to 10 nearby meters, and transmits this data to the secure AWS data cloud every 15 minutes, via an IoT LoRa network.

  1. LoRa network installed:

Subeca installs a Comcast MachineQ LoRa gateway system to support this data transmission. Once installed, this MachineQ system can support over 200 other IoT applications as well.

  1. Access & use meter data:

Data is sent to the Subeca Engage platform and dashboard, which enables utilities and end users to get real-time data, helpful alerts, incredible control and much more.

  1. 2-way communication:

Commands can be sent from Engage (full agency dashboard or end user mobile app) back to the Link, which can open or close a motorized, electrically-actuated ball valve.

The Subeca System is a truly pioneering solution for water agencies of any size. Its comprehensive yet simple, easy-to-install components can quickly establish the backbone for any size smart city network, while delivering scalability and flexibility for any type of reporting and maintenance plan. So if you’re at any stage of considering your next move in water system management, don’t wait:

Get out ahead of the curve with a call to 800-366-2271 or Click Here today, to contact Subeca’s account representative. Put your agency out in front of the rapidly approaching deadlines to meet California’s new mandates for conservation and reporting.