Subeca is an end-to-end water management platform that leverages dual network technology to provide constant utility control. The Subeca system starts with the Subeca Engage platform. Engage was designed to be utilized by both consumers and water agencies. The system utilizes a web-based portal where information is gathered for review, management, and control.

Commercial water agencies and residential users now have what they need to conveniently conserve, control and manage today’s water.

About the Subeca Smart Water System

Our exclusive dual wireless communication platform puts the water meter in charge of invoking a valve control action to ensure that water waste and damage are detected quickly.

The end-to-end system utilizes both Low Energy BlueTooth and LoRa Gateways to deliver a reliable water management platform with Edge computing capabilities. The system is incredibly easy to install, maintain, operate and upgrade.

How Does it Work?

The Subeca Pin™ replaces the water meter register and installs in less than five minutes. It wirelessly nearcasts water data to the Subeca Link™ and is the main leak detection element used for valve control. The Subeca Pin™ can retrofit to most common mechanical water meters in the industry (i.e. Badger Meter, Sensus, Neptune, Hersey, etc.).

The Subeca Link™ collects data from Pins and other bluetooth devices and broadcasts it to the cloud, connecting it to Subeca Enage™. The Subeca Link also is the device that controls a valve using edge computing technology.

Subeca Engage(™) is a customizable digital dashboard displaying water usage data to system managers and water consumers through a web portal or on a mobile phone application. Subeca Enage™ can also be used to send instructions to open or close valves anywhere a Subeca Link™ is connected in the system.

For Consumers

Water consumers can control their water usage, including turning it on and off, anytime and from almost any place in the world. Consumers can set goals to reduce water waste and save money on their monthly bill. They can also receive notifications regarding water usage and know if there are water leaks and resolve the issue quickly.

For Water Agencies

Suppliers can quickly turn water supplies on and off remotely for individual properties at any time. Dashboards can also be created, customized, and shared between departments for information exchange and distribution system analytics. LoRa networks can support a variety of other devices that provide higher value and ROI.

Networks for IoT

If a public network is not accessible, Subeca can provide a private LoRaWAN IoT network that can be scaled to any endpoint population requirement.

As a Comcast MachineQ solutions partner, you can trust that Subeca’s LoRa network solutions are robust, dependable and supported by one of the most prominent communications companies in the industry.

Utilizing IoT open architecture means that once the Comcast/MachineQ platform is running, it is available for other compatible LoRa enabled devices.

Start Conserving Water and Saving Money with Convenient Technology

By choosing Subeca’s open, flexible and scalable platform, utilities are investing in a solution that frees them from the closed platforms of the past and enables them to deliver services that enhance the lifestyle of their district’s population by reducing water waste. With this customizable platform, agencies will also save on labor costs and see a quick return on their investment while their customers enjoy the benefits of lower water bills and environmentally-conscious water conservation. Email us at or call 800-366-2271 to 5:00 pm to discuss more our smart water management system.

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay