As municipalities move toward “smart communications grids”—those that leverage digital technology to improve infrastructure, asset management, environmental, financial, and social aspects of urban life—open, smart water networks are the wave of the future.

Key Components

The Subeca System

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) is yesterday’s solution to yesterday’s challenges. Today’s fast-moving agencies require a revolutionary meter monitoring/valve control technology that benefits both utilities and their customers. The Subeca System™ replaces the old, one-way equipment with a modern solution that connects, engages and empowers both water providers and end users.


Subeca Pin

Subeca Pin™ Bluetooth Meter Registers are the Core Data Collection Component in the Subeca Water Management System.

  • Replaces current registers on existing water meters
  • Transmits high resolution meter readings via Bluetooth every 900 milliseconds, initiating a Subeca Edge Network where real-time water information is needed.
  • Subeca Edge, seeded by the Subeca Pin, provides water use detail unattainable through simple AMI.
  • Subeca Edge Network can feed Subeca Engage applications running on mobile devices. Compliments of the water utility, customers become truly engaged with them, and attain an unprecedented understanding of their water use habits.


Subeca Link

Subeca Link™ combines Bluetooth and LoRa wireless standards to deliver Subeca AMioT. Combining the value of AMI with the flexibility and scalability of IoT, Subeca Link allows water utilities to reap the huge benefits of hardened, high-security, open networks. To satisfy the needs of the water utility, the Subeca Pin transmission is received by the Subeca Link, producing a less-granular periodic meter reading that is transmitted to the water utility over a LoRaWan long distance network.

  • Central hub for directing Subeca Pin data to the Subeca Engage Platform.
  • Can also receive commands from Subeca Engage, including instructions to Subeca Act valves to shut off or turn on water.
  • Versatile IoT hub: While supporting Subeca Series products such as Subeca Pins and Subeca Pressure Sensors, also communicates to any water meter with a pulsed output or direct encoder read.
  • Each Subeca Link can communicate with up to five Subeca Pins and control up to four Subeca Act valves.


Subeca Act

Subeca Act™ is a Bluetooth 5 LE wireless ball valve that will open or close, upon command from a Bluetooth capable mobile device or Subeca Link.

  • Uses the latest Bluetooth 5 Long Range technology, allowing flexible installation options.
  • Typically installed in the customer side of the water meter, but can be installed any convenient place within 100 feet of the water meter.
  • Powered by onboard long-life battery that allows 15 years of operation in typical residential water use environments.
  • Shipped with fittings that allow flexible installation options. Once fittings are installed, valve simply slips between fittings, then is fixed with hand-tightened couplings.


Subeca Engage Agency Dashboard

Subeca Engage Agency Dashboard™ is the eyes of the Subeca Series Water Management System.

  • Cloud-based software platform.
  • Gives water utilities an overall view of their water operations.
  • From production to consumption, water utilities can monitor operational efficiency in delivering water to customers.
  • Allows separate dashboards for each water utility department.
  • Provides overall view of customer water use trends and performance in achieving water conservation goals.
  • Customer service can view the same dashboard that the customer sees, making customer support a snap.


Subeca Engage Customer Portal & App

Subeca Engage Customer Portal & App™ bring a new level of water use awareness and control to water utility customers.
Tracking water costs and use throughout each day lets customers understand how much their water use habits impact their water bills. Automatic alerts, a direct communications line to the water utility, and the ability to control water with the Subeca Act valve provide tools that truly empower.

  • Companion real-time Subeca Engage mobile applications communicate directly to the customer’s Subeca Edge Network. This reveals individual in-house appliance flowrate and water use.
  • Real knowledge can be applied to water conservation decisions.

Subeca Series™ Pilot Program

Help Shape The Future!

We have absolute confidence that the Subeca Series™ Water Management System will help your agency improve performance, ROI and customer service. But we understand that you may have reservations about trying new equipment and technology in a mission-critical function such as potable water management.

So we’ve taken away all risk by offering a special arrangement for our Pilot Program members.

Absolutely NO Risk, NO Obligation

Your agency can get on board our Pilot Program with as few as 2-3 new Subeca Pin™ meters in a limited trial segment of your existing system. This way, you can test all features and functions of the system without disrupting existing operations.

Our technicians will come to your location to set up the Subeca Series, including the Engage agency dashboard software. Because our meters generate immediate results, you’ll have excellent data tracking within 2-3 weeks that will help you make an informed, confident decision.

Phased Approach

Because your pilot installation will have already proven the Subeca system works, you can then roll out further installations in a phased approach. Choose as few as 200 locations to install our meters. We’ll train your agency crews to install, set them up, and use the Engage dashboard to monitor them. Then you can plan to add future installation in packs of 200, 500, or 1000 as needs require and budgets allow, eliminating the need for a huge, upfront capital investment.

Call 800-366-2271 or Click Here today

to learn more about our NO-RISK, NO OBLIGATION Subeca Series Water Management System Pilot Program.

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