As a platform, the Subeca smart water management system combines multiple technologies to provide users with the information needed to monitor their water consumption, record and report water meter data and communicate with water control devices.

Most importantly, Subeca empowers all users within the water management workflow, including consumers, commercial users and water utilities.

Components of the Subeca Platform

The Subeca platform combines the following components to create a complete water management system:

  • Subeca Pin: A Bluetooth register that transmits data to any device within its range.
  • Subeca Engage: A user-friendly dashboard that allows Subeca customers to get real-time data alerts and communicate with water control devices.
  • Subeca Link: A LoRa device that receives data from the Subeca Pin and transmits that data securely to the cloud.

LoRa Technology

You’re probably familiar with Bluetooth technology—it’s used by devices most people depend on in smartphones, speakers and vehicle entertainment systems. While Bluetooth is capable of transmitting high-quality data, it is limited in its range and security.

You may have noticed these limitations if you’ve ever used a Bluetooth-connected speaker and walked with your phone into another room.

In comparison, LoRa technology focuses on long-range data transmission.

LoRa technology requires very little power to operate and securely transmits data. Designed specifically for “internet of things” (IoT) applications and the technology connects small data collecting devices securely to the cloud.

LoRa technology easily plugs into existing infrastructures, bringing technological advancements and data collecting to areas like water control that were more complicated to monitor in the past.

Using LoRa technology, the Subeca platform easily replaces existing water monitoring devices and provides users with a greater toolset for safer water management through advanced data collection.

How Does It Work?

The Subeca platform works by doing the following:

  1. Collect data from the water meter: The Subeca Pin replaces the existing register on the water meter and collects data from the device. The Subeca Pin transmits water meter data every 900 milliseconds to the Subeca Link.
  2. Transmit the water meter data: The Subeca Link receives data from up to 10 nearby Subeca Pin data collectors. Using LoRa technology, the Subeca Link transmits water meter data every 15 minutes via an IoT LoRa network.
  3. Understanding the LoRa network: If needed, Subeca will install a Comcast MachineQ LoRa gateway system to support data transmission by the platform. The Comcast MachineQ gateway can support up to 200 IoT devices and applications.
  4. Accessing the data collected by the Subeca platform: Through the LoRa network and cloud access, the Subeca Engage platform receives data that is accessible through a user-friendly dashboard. Using this dashboard, utilities and residential users can receive real-time data and emergency system alerts.
  5. Communicating with the Subeca platform: End users can communicate with the Subeca platform by sending commands from the Subeca Engage dashboard or mobile application. The user-facing applications transmit the commands back to the Subeca Link, which is capable of opening and closing water meter valves by way of a motorized electrically-actuated ball valve.

Are You Interested in Learning More About the Subeca Platform?

With Subeca, you can reduce operating costs, reduce water use, accelerate your return on investment, improve your operation and empower end users. Subeca’s platform installs easily, even on water valves that were manufactured as far back as the 1970s. Contact us today to learn how you can benefit from the Subeca water management platform.