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Intelligent Water Management

Empower Your Customers. Maximize Your Investment.

Subeca is an end-to-end water management platform that leverages dual network technology to provide 24-7 utility control.

Subeca is an end-to-end water management platform that leverages dual network technology to provide 24-7 utility control.

The Consumer

Remote Access: Water consumers can control their water usage, including turning it on and off, anytime and from virtually anyplace in the world.

Goal Setting: With Built-in goal setting, consumers are empowered to reduce water waste and save money.

Notification Sharing: Water usage and leak notifications can be received so water mishaps can be resolved quickly.

The Water Agency

Endpoint Control: Suppliers can quickly turn water supplies on and off remotely for individual properties 24-7.

Custom Online Dashboards: Dashboards can be customized and shared between departments for information exchange and distribution system analytics.

Agnostic Network: LoRa networks can support a variety of other devices that provide higher value and ROI.

The Subeca Difference

For homeowners, water leaks can cause unexpected water waste leading to damage and increased water bills. For water agencies, dispatching crews to homes and businesses to read meters or turn water supplies on and off manually is expensive and inefficient. Subeca’s flexible, end-to-end water management platform features wireless hardware and user-friendly software that allows 24-7 control for consumers and water suppliers alike.

Combining Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and LoRa communications, Subeca’s dual use of wireless technologies provides high-speed local data for the endpoint customer and long-range communications for the water supplier. The use of wireless standards versus proprietary communications enables water agencies and their customers to go far beyond simple meter reading.

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A Platform for Now and the Future

With Subeca, water agencies can:

  • Upgrade installed meters with a dual-network technology that provides higher value to you and your customers.
  • Replace existing registers with Subeca Pin™ to broadcast water use to customers in near real time.
  • Through our companion Subeca Link™, send data from Subeca Pin™ and other peripheral devices over long-range LoRa networks.
  • Characterize usage at endpoints to understand the behavior of installed appliances and equipment.
  • Automatically send alerts to need-to-know responders.

With Subeca, consumers can:

  • Set water consumption goals with user-selectable budget methods based on weather, calendars or other values.
  • Set Limits on water use to generate notifications.
  • Accomplish all of this and still achieve 10-year plus battery life.

Platform Features

Subeca Pin™

Drop it in and let the simplicity begin. The Subeca Pin™ seamlessly works with existing water meters in place of the old register. The wireless Subeca Pin™ is what we call a “nearcaster.”

It constantly sends information to the nearest Subeca Link™ broadcaster to enable automated water management, 24/7.


Subeca Link™

The Subeca Link™ broadcaster is your underground liaison.

It wirelessly tells the Subeca Engage™ dashboard what’s happening at the meter site and instructs the Subeca Pin™ to shut off the water valve when needed.

It is also the broadcaster of information from potentially hundreds of Subeca Pin nearcasters.


Subeca Engage™

The Subeca Engage™ dashboard gives you complete water management visibility—anytime, anywhere and on any device. Let the system run or take control. Turn water on or off for individual properties or customize a dashboard to share between departments. Subeca Engage™ gives you that control, in real time!


Networks for IoT

No single network fits every need. This is why Subeca created a platform that aggregates data from any network or source where it is available. The Subeca system is designed to maximize your investment by supporting cellular VPNs, in addition to LPWANS operating on the LoRa standard. If a public network is not available, we can provide a private, dedicated LoRaWAN IoT network that can be scaled to any endpoint population requirement. As a Comcast MachineQ solutions partner, you can trust that our LoRa network solutions are robust, dependable and supported by one of the largest communications companies in the industry.

It’s Your Choice

By choosing Subeca’s open, flexible and scalable platform, utilities are investing in a solution that frees them from the closed platforms of the past and enables them to deliver services that enhance the lifestyle of their district’s population.

Take your customers out of the dark ages of utility metering and give them the control they’ve come to expect in all other aspects of their day-to-day lives.

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