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A New Way of Thinking about Water


When Hank McCarrick founded Subeca (originally called Secosys) back in 2008, his vision was clear: Develop ways to support a new way of thinking about the most treasured commodity on earth…water. The hallmarks of this new way of thinking are information, empowerment and control.


Empowering consumers

Subeca starts by giving water users the information they need to take control of their water usage. 

Historically, consumers have been kept in the dark about their water use. Sure, the water agency bills them every month, but that bill doesn’t shine any light on the “water costs” associated with specific actions. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult for consumers to manage their water expense—or meet conservation goals—if they have no way of knowing the costs associated with their actions. 

What was the “spend” of the irrigation system this morning? How much water is used each time the dishwasher or washing machine is run? How much does that long, hot shower really cost? The answers to these questions can be real eye openers.

Subeca gives consumers this data, as well as real-time leak detection and the ability to remotely shut off the water in the case of a water event. It’s a game-changer.


Empowering commercial users

Expand all of this into commercial irrigation and agriculture, and the water savings can really mount up!


Empowering utilities

Of course, Subeca doesn’t stop there. Subeca also empowers the water utility itself, through remote valve control, granular data, real-time problem detection and quite a bit more. 

Information, empowerment and control. This is the new way of thinking about water…and this is what Subeca is about.

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